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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, September 9th

First hour: New recommended school start times: later!

Second hour: Lt. Governor candidate Kathy Hochul

In our first hour, the nation's largest organization of pediatricians has released new recommendations on school start times. For middle and high school, they're drawing a red line: no earlier than 8:30. That's because doctors say there's an epidemic of sleep loss in the teen population. But is 8:30 realistic? How would it impact schools? We discuss it with experts from the health and educational communities.

In our second hour, we talk to Lt. Governor candidate Kathy Hochul. She's running with Governor Andrew Cuomo in Tuesday's primary election. What is her vision for the job? How does she respond to critics on her left who say her record is too conservative? We'll find out. Then we'll talk to a panel of political reporters from across the state, including our capital correspondent, Karen DeWitt.