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Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, April 30th

12 noon: Imagine RIT, one of the region's largest events

1pm: Raising grateful kids

At noon, we preview the spectacle that is Imagine RIT. It's a festival of innovation and ideas, and it attracts tens of thousands of people. From portable latrines for Haiti, to smart canes, to tactile captioning, we get an inside look at the inventions from the students and staff behind them.

At 1pm, how can parents raise kids to be more appreciative of what they have? How can we raise a generation of kids who have gratitude, not a sense of entitlement? That's the subject of a new book called Making Grateful Kids. The authors, including psychology professor Giacomo Bono, take a scientific approach to gratitude, and they find that there are approaches parents can take to make kids more appreciative. Even better, grateful kids become happier adults.