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Transit Advocacy Group Seeks "Pitches" to Reuse Bus Shelters

Rochester Reconnect

Downtown Rochester's historic bus shelters could one day turn into coffee kiosks, bike shelters or a library - Well, at least that's what a local transit advocacy group is proposing.

After 25 years, the six Main Street shelters from the Genesee River to Chestnut Street will be removed once the new RTS Transit Center opens this November.

So Reconnect Rochester is asking businesses, entrepreneurs, local developers and other community organizations, who may be interested, to adapt these shelters for reuse.

"We like the idea of preservation and activating street life too," says Mike Governale, president of the transit group. "And we think reusing the shelters to open up a world of possibilities, and help generate foot traffic on Main Street as well."

Governale says the initial idea was to move the shelters to other bus stops around Rochester. But the cost and logistics of moving them isn't a viable option for them.  So the next best step is to invite the community to find new ways to reuse them.  He says some people have suggested newsstands to public art installations for the bus shelters.

So far, Governale says one Public Market food vendor and downtown developer have expressed interest in re-purposing shelters.

The city, RGRTA and Reconnect Rochester are accepting and considering proposals from the public.

The city plans to remove the shelters after November 28th.

Proposals can be sent to