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Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, March 26th

12 noon: The impact of our coffee addiction

1pm: Real-life Jaws

1:30: The Buffalo Bills after Ralph Wilson

At noon, what is caffeine, exactly? Well, it's an effective pesticide. It's also the least-regulated addictive drug in the country, and in small doses, it can be very helpful to our concentration and focus. But what about the effects of multiple cups per day? Author and journalist Murray Carpenter traveled the world, from the industrial operations to the small farms and rainforests, searching for the origins of our caffeine habit. He joins us to talk coffee, chocolate, and how we're all affected.

At 1pm, the snow forced shark researcher Greg Skomal to reschedule his visit to the Rochester Museum and Science Center last month. Wednesday night he'll deliver his remarks on why we're so riveted to sharks, and he'll give us a taste at 1pm.

And at 1:30, journalist Scott Pitoniak has interviewed Ralph Wilson more than 50 times. The longtime Bills owner passed away this week, and Pitoniak joins us to explain what could be next for the Bills in western New York.