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Contractor Offers Tips For Home Heating in the Bitter Cold

Business has been booming for a local heating contractor, who says they've handled hundreds of service calls for malfunctioning furnaces. 

Eric Knaak, vice president of operations for Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning, says problems with a heating system often surface when a furnace has to run non-stop during a cold snap.

Knaak has some tips for heating your home more efficiently in the bitter cold. “If you have draperies or furniture or anything that might be blocking your registers, make sure those are clear so you have good air flow. Make sure your registers are open by turning the handle or the wheel, and that air is flowing out so you’re in good shape.”

Knaak also advises those using generators to make sure they place the generator outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and do NOT plug the unit into your electrical panel box. He says doing so could endanger a utility worker in the event of a power outage.

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