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Frozen Frontier Construction Underway

Construction on a temporary hockey rink at the Red Wings' Frontier Field is off to a running start.

The completed ice rink will play host to 10-day, outdoor hockey festival the Frozen Frontier in December.

Both professional and college teams will play throughout the festival, which will include a game between the Rochester Americans and the Lake Erie Monsters. Local youth and adult leagues, which have reserved a slot, will also get their chance on the ice along with public ice skating.

Red Wings General Manager Dan Mason says just how close this project is to be finished.

"I think for many fans it seems like it's something that's off in the distance, kind of like Christmas, but that also is right around the corner. So I think people are finally starting to realize this is happening and it's happening soon."

The ice rink is being installed by Maine-based Company Rink Specialists.

"What we're looking for is just for it to be cold and sunny when we actually build the surface itself," says Rink Specialists president, Benn Breton. "But the challenges will be just keeping everything on schedule and keeping the weather with us."

The ice will be installed in the rink after Thanksgiving.

The festival runs from Dec. 13 - 22.