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Duffy briefs on scenario for Southern Tier

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BROOME COUNTY - Lt. Governor Duffy was at the Broome County Office of Emergency Management and made these comments about likely storm impact across the Southern Tier region earlier today:

"We expect high winds, we do expect several inches of rain. Hopefully far less than we experienced last time. The one thing that happened last time with Hurricane Irene any fluctuation can change things, so we just dont know."

"And what we want to reinforce is that while we have all these state resources and county resources and local resources in place, for things to respond, what we need people to realize is that common sense really has to take over here. And not to travel in these conditions. To make sure that they have supplies in their homes. I know, probably hard to get a d-cell battery anywhere in New York State right now, with bread and milk and batteries, just stock up just in case. And again this region has been through it. I don’t think anybody knows the pain of these emergencies more than this area, Broome County and the Southern Tier went through last year."

"The governor is in New York today. He’s doing a lot of things down where the storm is coming in. I listened this morning, the storm took a turn as they projected toward land so it’s pretty much on track right now."

"It’ll start tonight with the winds, or late this afternoon, the winds and the rain, probably tonight through tomorrow are going to be very, very difficult for that. I think again exercising common sense."

"There’s not an area of New York that I think will go without being hit. It just really depends right now with the path of the storm how difficult and how hard that storm will hit us. But we can expect high winds and rain and damage. We hope it passes through. Power outages are going to be something that we expect to see in some areas but I think with the crews in place they’ll be responded to very quickly. And if there is a power outage, just think, there’s going to be less political commercials on t.v. so you’ll get a little respite for a little while." - reporting by Matt Richmond/WSKG

WSKG/Southern Tier reporter for the Innovation Trail.
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