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St. John Fisher partners with Irish college to improve nursing for at-risk populations

Leaders from St. John Fisher and Waterford Institute of Technology sign agreement
James Brown WXXI
Leaders from St. John Fisher and Waterford Institute of Technology sign agreement

Leaders from St. John Fisher’s Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing announced a partnership with an Irish college on Wednesday.

Fisher and Waterford Institute of Technology plan to share resources for best practices and research when it comes to nursing at-risk populations like those with developmental disabilities. Fisher’s Wegmans School of Nursing received a grant last fall to open the Institute.

The Institute's founding director, Dianne Cooney Miner, said Waterford is the perfect match for Fisher.

“Because of their particular expertise in developmental disabilities nursing, when I had this idea around the Golisano Institute of Nursing, I thought to myself I couldn’t think of a better partner,” said Cooney Miner. “Across the world, the reputation of Irish nursing is so respected and so recognized in terms of not only the knowledge and skills and competency of Irish nursing but the particular compassion and values that drive their work.”

Faculty members from both schools will share their knowledge and best practices with each other. Cooney Miner said the partnership took 10 years to create after she realized that Waterford is one of Rochester’s sister cities.

This isn’t the only thing Rochester and Waterford have in common. They share at least one employer: Bausch & Lomb.

This story was produced by WXXI’s Inclusion Desk, focusing on disabilities and inclusion

James Brown is a reporter with WXXI News. James previously spent a decade in marketing communications, while freelance writing for CITY Newspaper. While at CITY, his reporting focused primarily on arts and entertainment.