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UR requires students to get COVID-19 vaccination for fall semester

University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is requiring students to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before the fall semester.

University officials said students living on campus and commuting must get vaccinated by Aug. 1.

If a student is unable to get vaccinated by the deadline,officials said the university will provide students with the vaccine when they arrive. University spokesperson Sara Miller said students with religious observances or medical concerns will be allowed to apply for an exemption.

Miller said the decision to vaccinate came down to two things.

“What was the most comprehensive step the university could take to ensure a more normal operation for the fall semester, and return a more regular student experience for all of our students?" Miller said. "And second, we asked ourselves, are we able to help our students get this vaccination that we're now requiring of them?” 

Miller said the university has enough resources to vaccinate a large number of students, including international students.

She said extra consideration was given to students from abroad.

“Right now, internationally, the vaccine is not as available to them in this age group as it is in the United States," Miller said. “So our ability to provide the vaccination to them also played into the decision.”

Mauricio Coombs, who will be a senior this fall, said he anticipated the mandate and has no issue getting vaccinated.

“I'll be glad if it gets back to normal … it's free and it’s worth it,” Coombs said.