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A guide to being COVID-safe this Easter weekend

With COVID-19 cases rising and many people still unvaccinated, local health officials have offered tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable Easter weekend.

Jennifer Gutowski, associate director of infection prevention at Rochester Regional Health, said she understands "COVID fatigue," but she wants everyone to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control holiday guidelines. Those include wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance from others, and proper hand hygiene.

She also suggested taking advantage of the weekend’s forecast for milder weather by moving the party outdoors and avoiding poorly ventilated spaces.

“Great ideas are to go for a walk. If you have a fire pit, have a nice outdoor gathering. There's definitely opportunity to be outside, which is going to be a lot safer than being inside unmasked,” Gutowski said.

Gutwoski said family gatherings that are held safely can have some health benefits of their own.

Isolation during the pandemic has affected people's mental and emotional health, and she believes spending time with loved ones can help.

“If this is the year that you need to see friends and family, I would just try to be mindful of how you're doing that and try to do it in a safer way,” Gutowski said.