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Monroe County to get more detox beds with the help of state dollars

The Rochester area will be getting some badly needed detox beds to help people who are dealing with addiction withdrawal.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says a total of $10 million is being distributed to five providers across the state in areas that are now underserved in terms of resources to help deal with opioid addiction and other substances. 

That includes $2.14 million that will go to the Villa of Hope in Monroe County, to establish 18 detox beds.

Villa of Hope usually focuses on treatment and service for young people and their families, but president and CEO Christina Gullo says these new beds will be open to people with addiction problems at all ages.

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She does feel there is a strong focus now on expanding the state’s ability to deal with opioid and other addictions.

“We all know of somebody who’s going through something like this, so I do think that there’s been enough attention on it, that it is time and people are stepping up and putting some dollars toward the treatment,” Gullo told WXXI News.

A WXXI News investigation recently showed that currently there are just 25 detox beds in all of Monroe County, even though addiction specialists say the need is at least four to five times that number.

Gullo says more detox beds are needs, but this latest grant for the 18 beds provides a good start.

Gullo says these detox beds are critical in providing help to people who are trying to get help with addiction problems.

"There’s a lot of physical illness that comes with detoxing, so this will be a place for them for 17 to 14 days, to go through that kind of physical detox, and as well as start to get some treatment, and then refer them to where they need to be appropriately."

All of the current Rochester area detox beds are offered through Syracuse Behavioral Health, and Gullo says Villa of Hope officials will be in touch with that organization to see how much of an impact these latest detox beds will have on reducing the waiting list of people who need these kinds of services.

Villa of Hope is based in the Town of Greece with other services spread out around the area. Gullo is not sure yet where the newest detox beds will be located.

We want to hear what you have to say about opioid and heroin use in our community. Please click on this link to take a short survey.

Randy Gorbman is WXXI's director of news and public affairs. Randy manages the day-to-day operations of WXXI News on radio, television, and online.