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Expert Anticipates Good Match Between Flu Viruses and Vaccine This Season Hoskins

It's not too early to get your flu shot.

That's the advice from the Centers for Disease Control.  Even though the vaccination's protection against the flu can diminish over time, a local infectious disease specialist says if you're in a position to get the shot now, go ahead and do it.

"There's plenty of vaccine already available, and I don't think anyone is forecasting any major shortages."

Dr. John Treanor, chief of Infectious Diseases at UR Medicine, says at this point it appears that the vaccine will offer adequate protection against the viruses that are expected to be circulating this season.

"Right now, all indications are there are no major changes out there, so what is in the vaccine should match. But, of course, we never know for sure until the viruses start popping up in the Northern Hemisphere and that probably won't be for another few months," he said.

People between the ages of two and 49 who don't have asthma can choose between an injection and a nasal vaccine.

An egg-free flu vaccine is approved for anyone 18 or older who is allergic to eggs.

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