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Schumer: Feds Need to Do More to Fight Lyme Disease

The number of cases of Lyme disease are on the rise, and Senator Charles Schumer says it's time the federal government gets more involved.

He's proposing legislation to boost funding to research, identify and treat the disease.

That's good news to Corky Trombley of the Finger Lakes Lyme Disease Support Group.

She says she knows first-hand how devastating this disease can be.

"I've known people who have had to have pacemakers put into their bodies because of Lyme disease.  One gentleman was a piano teacher, a music teacher at school, and he could no longer play the piano because his hands are affected."

She says she's encouraged now that "there's finally legislation that will enable doctors to learn about Lyme disease and treat Lyme disease, because right now many people afflicted with the disease don't have anywhere to go for treatment."

Schumer is urging passage of the Lyme and TickBorne Disease Prevention, Education and Research Act.