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NY State Health Exchange to Launch Site in Spanish

The state department of health plans to launch a Spanish-language website in the upcoming open enrollment. National observers recommend that New York learn from mistakes made on the federal Spanish language website.

CuidadoDeSalud.Gov opened to controversy when it launched late in last year’s open enrollment period, and included poor translations and grammatical errors.

Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, Health Equity Director at FamiliesUSA, says New York could learn a lot from the people who help enroll Spanish-speaking communities in health insurance.

"Engaging the community early on to look at your drafts is a good thing if you have the time," Hernández-Cancio asserts this will ensure the state is effectively reaching the target audience.

Dave Chandra is a Senior Policy Analyst for the think-tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. He says translating information about complex issues, such as health insurance, must be approached holistically.

"It's very important to do the whole process from start to finish translating the whole experience [when you're doing a translation]. So, that requires people who are very sophisticated in doing that," explains Chandra.

New York’s Spanish Language health exchange website launches November 15 at the beginning of open enrollment.