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VOA Opens New Dental Center for Children

Volunteers of America Western New York

Basic dental care is something many may take for granted, but a recent figures show that many Medicaid-eligible children in New York have not seen a dentist. 

In 2008, approximately 4,700  children in New York aged 3 to 5 were treated for tooth decay in an emergency department. 

JoAnne Ryan, president and CEO of the Volunteers of America, says a new Dental Center will mean about 280 children currently enrolled at the VOA Children's Center will get those much-needed services. “Simple things, such as fluoride rinses, the ability to have the hard wiring of good oral hygiene, just through the use of regular brushing and flossing, and educational opportunities around nutrition, what would be healthy choices, especially in the primary ages when those habits are so important.” 

The Dental Center is part of a partnership between the VOA and Rochester General Hospital's Department of Dentistry.  It was funded in part by a grant from the Major League Baseball Players Association. 

The VOA is hoping to expand dental services in the future to include the siblings and other family members of kids enrolled in the Children's Center.

Beth Adams joined WXXI as host of Morning Edition in 2012 after a more than two-decade radio career. She was the longtime host of the WHAM Morning News in Rochester. Her career also took her from radio stations in Elmira, New York, to Miami, Florida.