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CarestreamTeams With The Bills On Investigating Head Injuries

Carestream Health and the Buffalo Bills have entered into a partnership aimed at advancing medical imaging technology that could help with earlier detection and treatment of brain injuries.

The agreement builds on research already in the works between Carestream and Johns Hopkins University and will expand the collaboration to include new systems for imaging head trauma.

President of digital imaging solutions at Carestream, Diana Nole says the partnership with the Bills will help them understand how their equipment could be used in a real-life setting.

“What we hope to do is to work with them on the design of the equipment, the clinical needs of the equipment, specifically for this area of traumatic brain injuries. And understanding the applicability of it being used in the course of an actual event, an actual game.”

The prevalence and severity of head injuries like concussions have been thrust into the spotlight in recent years.

Nole says their aim is to create a device that could confidently diagnose subtle brain injuries right after a player has been hit, and help determine whether or not they should return to the field.