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Most New York Voters Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana


The debate over the legalization of medical marijuana is still a "smoking" issue. In a recent poll by Siena College, voters weighed in and 57 % support the proposal.

According to the poll, 2/3 of New York voters say they're paying close attention to the debate.

Dr. Don Levy is the Director of the Research Institute. He says more than 700 voters were polled.

"There was no single group that stood out saying 'Hey, wait a minute.' We know the arguments against it and the concerns about it being effectively regulated. But when presented with just the issues, a simple thumbs up or a thumbs down, New Yorkers feel there's a way to do it," says Levy.

Nearly half of the people polled say they also support making the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana a crime in New York state.