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Mayor Lovely Warren returns to work after week in hospital for salmonella poisoning

Max Schulte/WXXI News file photo
Mayor Lovely Warren addresses reporters on May 20, 2021, at City Hall after the criminal charges brought against her husband.

Mayor Lovely Warren returned to work Monday after a bout of salmonella poisoning left her hospitalized for a week.

Warren was hospitalized on July 5 and was released Sunday, according to a statement from the city of Rochester.

"Mayor Lovely A. Warren was admitted to hospital for treatment of salmonella poisoning on July 5," the statement reads. "She was released from hospital yesterday and has returned to work today. In her stead, Deputy Mayor James P. Smith acted on her behalf as necessary and was in regular contact with the mayor throughout her hospitalization."

Salmonella poisoning is a fairly common bacterial infection usually contracted through contaminated food or water, typically causing fever and diarrhea. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 1.35 million people in the United States are diagnosed with salmonella poisoning every year. The vast majority of cases clear upon their own in about a week, without the need for intensive medical treatment.

According to the CDC, 26,500 people are hospitalized for salmonella annually, and 420 people die.

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