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Republican leaders meet to interview possible candidates for 27th Congressional Dist.
Architect of the Capitol

A meeting on Tuesday may help further narrow who Republican leaders in the 27th Congressional District want to run, assuming that person can get on the November ballot.

The Buffalo News reports that 11 contenders will speak with the leaders of the eight counties in the district at Batavia Downs, in a meeting scheduled to begin about 3pm and last for several hours.

The GOP is trying to field a candidate to replace incumbent Chris Collins. The Western New York representative is facing charges of insider trading, and announced recently that while he intends to finish out his term this year, he is suspending his re-election campaign.

There are questions that have to be resolved on how the Republican party can put a different candidate on the ballot.

In order to get Collins’ name off the ballot, Collins may need to run for another position in the area, and Democrats have already indicated they will be ready to challenge the move in court if necessary.

Nate McMurray is the Democratic candidate in the 27th Congressional District.

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