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Labor leader Flo Tripi passes away

A long time labor leader in Rochester has died.

Florence "Flo" Tripi, President of the CSEA's Western Region was 79 years old.

Tripi was active in CSEA, one of New York's largest and most influential unions, for 50 years.

CSEA President Danny Donahue issued this statement:

"Flo was active in CSEA for 50 years, serving as a passionate activist and an effective leader. She held elected office for 18 years as CSEA Western Region President. One of our union's strongest advocates, Flo used her voice to make life better in our communities and in our union. Flo never backed down, stood tall and never failed to represent our members with dignity and heart, by whom she was most beloved. I am personally deeply saddened by this news. Flo was one of our brightest stars, and a dear, close friend. Flo was an inspiration to everyone around her. She was a passionate leader and a powerful force in representing CSEA members."

Tripi began her career with the Monroe County Health Department in 1968, joining CSEA in the 70s, and eventually became the CSEA Western Region President in 2000.

Funeral arrangements are pending.