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More roundabouts planned for the area

Roundabout at East River Road and Kendrick Road
Roundabout at East River Road and Kendrick Road

Get ready for more roundabouts.

That's the word from the State Department of Transportation, which is announcing four of the new, safer, circular intersections are coming to the region over the next two to three years.

Regional Director for the New York State Department of Transportation, Kevin Bush, says compared to a tradition intersection, roundabouts see a decrease in severe crashes at typically slower speeds.

"A traditional intersection is more prone to T-bone accidents, or head-ons and can be much more severe," he said.

Bush reminds drivers that traffic in the roundabout has the right-of-way.

"People within the roundabout always have the right-of-way.  Once you're in a roundabout, you don't want to change lanes. When you're ready to exit, put on your right directional and out you go," he said.

Other tips from the DOT include always yielding to pedestrians and keep crosswalks clear, and watch traffic signs and markings to determine the correct lane to be in before entering a roundabout.

The new roundabouts are planned for Victor at Route 96 and Lynaugh Road, 63 Court Street in Geneseo, and on Route 77 on Ledge Road in the town of Alabama.  An existing traffic circle at  Mt. Read Boulevard and Buffalo Road in Rochester will be modified to become a modern roundabout.

The projects will take two to three years.