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City relaunching rewards program for good deeds

Here's one ticket you may not mind getting from a cop
Alex Crichton
Here's one ticket you may not mind getting from a cop

City officials stood with dozens of young people at the Frederick Douglass R-Center on South Avenue to announce the re-launch of "Positive Ticket," a program that rewards people for positive behavior.

"If I happen to come across you and you're helping someone struggling with groceries, (by) carrying them into the house, for us, that's a positive interaction, and that's something we want to recognize," said Rochester Deputy Police Chief Wayne Harris.

And that positive interaction can be contagious, according to the Southeast Neighborhood Service Center Administrator Nancy Johns-Price.

"Once it's recognized, it's like taking the weeds out of a garden, and if you continue to take care of that garden and you water it, then the flowers start to grow, and that's what we're going to do," she said.

Police Chief Mike Ciminelli, who rewarded those young people at the R-Center by swearing them in as "junior officers," says "Positive Ticket" is all about the community working together to build positive relationships.

"It allows a beat officer to see something and just compliment a kid for doing the right thing right then and there. So it's a great opportunity for us and we're really grateful to our community partners who are supporting this program," he said.

City officials join kids at the Frederick Douglass R-Center to announce the relaunch of "Positive Ticket"

The police-issued Positive Tickets are coupons which can be redeemed for food, treats, or events from community sponsors.

The program previously ran in Rochester several years ago.

Several area businesses and organizations are partnering with the city on the Positive Ticket program, which resumes August 21st.

Here’s the police chief and mayor handing out “junior officer” badges to city kids

Here’s the Police Chief and Deputy Chief talking about the program: