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AAA busload goes to Washington

AAA took a busload of people from Rochester and western New York to Washington, D.C. for Friday's inauguration.

The auto club made the trip available, which includes sight-seeing and Friday's ceremony.

A group of eleven left Williamsville around five this morning, stopping in Rochester to pick up sixteen more.

Paul Calkins of Buffalo was looking foward to the excursion.                              


"It's a chance to witness a change of power of the greatest country in the world," he said.

Ed Schneider, a Trump/Pence supporter, says he was making his first trip to a Presidential swearing-in ceremony.

"I've never been to an inauguration before and I think going to Washington for the inauguration would be something that would be pretty cool to do, I think," he said.

Both Schneider and Calkins say they aren't concerned for their safety, even with the size of the gathering and the large number of protesters expected.

But Bob Brennan of Geneva isn't so sure.

He serves as tour guide on the trip, and says he worked the inauguration for President Obama eight years ago.

"The people were very well behaved, but this time around, I think it's going to be different. There's a lot of protest groups showing up, and I'm kind of concerned about everybody's safety," he said.

Brennan says he has faith on the security that's in place, but he and another guide will keep an eye on their group, and be on the lookout for any trouble.

He adds many people on board for the trip are making their first trip to Washington, D.C.