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Monroe County Executive reacts to Governor's cost-cutting plan for counties


Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo says she'd like to hear more from the governor about cutting state mandates, rather than having counties come up with cost-cutting plans.

That's after the Governor announced a proposal calling on county leaders to come up with proposals to cut costs, and if lawmakers don't act on the proposal, it would go before voters.

Dinolfo says they do what they can at the Monroe County level to provide quality services at the least possible cost.

"We also have a lot of intermunicipal agreements with municipalities here locally to share services, and we're always looking at that. But as I hear with the governor's words, I am somewhat disappointed that I'm not hearing about New York State reducing its mandate requirements on the counties," she said.

Dinolfo says the proposal will provoke robust discussion in Albany, and she hopes that discussion starts with looking at state spending and state mandates, and ways to reverse that trend and ease the burden on local property taxpayers.