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Gun Buy-Back on Saturday in Rochester

Rochester Police and the State Attorney General's Office are holding a community gun buyback tomorrow in the city.

Attorney in charge of the Rochester office, Ted O'Brien, says often it's the unwanted or forgotten guns that can fall into the wrong hands.

"We just want to be able to provide a legitimate way for people to get rid of guns that either they aren't registered to have, or they just don't feel a need for anymore," he says.

MCC Criminal Justice Professor Joe Sturnick is a retired RPD Captain.

He says gun buy-backs do take guns off the streets, but the goal is to get the illegally possessed guns that are used in street crimes today.

"I don't see where a criminal is going to turn in a gun for a gift certificate to a store.  It has more use for them on the street," he said.

O'Brien says the AG's office is realistic about the expectations of the gun buyback program,

but the last time it sponsored one here in 2013, 243 guns were surrendered.

People can anonymously drop off their weapons Saturday from 9am and noon at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church on Clifford Avenue, and receive a gift card worth up to $100 dollars in exchange.