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Area GOP Officials Weigh In On Donald Trump's Comments About Women

Some political leaders in New York have concerns about President Donald Trump's plan to cut taxes.
WRVO Public Media
Some political leaders in New York have concerns about President Donald Trump's plan to cut taxes.

Area Republican officials have weighed in on the release of 2005 comments that Republican President candidate Donald Trump made about women. While they may have been critical of Trump, they did not call for him to pull out of the race as some other Republican leaders have done.

From Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich:

"We have learned a lot about both candidates not only in the last 24 hours, but also over the last several months.  I condemn the remarks Donald Trump made from 11 years ago that are now surfacing as the campaign progresses.  Likewise, I do not support that Hillary believes in free trade and open borders – neither of these concepts support US jobs nor a safe and secure America. And although Hillary supports the continuation of Obama Care, Bill Clinton himself has publicly stated that Obama Care is crazy.

"One thing is certain, the last few weeks of this election cycle will certainly continue to be filled with much information; some outlandish, some valid.

"I personally look forward to the two remaining debates and I trust, as always, that the American Public will make the right choice on Election Day."

Congressman Tom Reed (R-Corning), who has supported Trump, had this statement:

"Women are never to be talked about in this way. As someone with eight older sisters, a wife and daughter I care deeply about, it is disappointing and offensive to hear these words. It is not right and these comments must be called out for what they are, just wrong."

Congressman Chris Collins of the Buffalo area, the first member of the House of Representatives to endorse Trump, issued this statement:

“The comments made by Mr. Trump were disappointing, and frankly unacceptable. There is no room in our society for comments like these.  Mr. Trump has since apologized for his actions. There is no change in my support of Mr. Trump as our nominee because he remains the only candidate who will bring back our jobs, secure our borders and stand up to our enemies.”

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, who is a Republican said:

"Regardless of whether his comments were made in private, as a mother of a daughter and two sons, I'm appalled by Mr. Trump's unacceptable comments which are contrary to the values that I have instilled in my  children - to treat every person with dignity and respect.

Monroe County Democratic Chairwoman Jamie Romeo called on local Republican leaders to “speak out against the misogynistic comments made by Donald Trump.”

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-Fairport) released this statement:

“Donald Trump apparently considers himself a star and he believes that it entitles him to do anything he wants to women. It is beyond belief that anyone can reconcile this man's beliefs with the presidency of the United States. It would be a disgrace for him to join the pantheon of leaders that include Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and George Washington

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