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Monroe County In 'Significant Fiscal Stress,' According To NYS Comptroller


The New York State Comptroller says that Monroe County is one of eight local governments in the state  that are under “significant fiscal stress.”

The phrase used by State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, significant fiscal stress, is the highest designation in his review that describes 40 municipalities across the state as being fiscally stressed.

The comptroller’s monitoring system evaluates local governments on several financial indicators including their fund balance, cash on hand and patterns of operating deficits.

Dinapoli also issued a report that examines fiscal stress trends over the last three years. He says the counties of Monroe, Franklin and Rockland have been listed in significant stress each year.

The comptroller says his office’s monitoring system shows that for those localities experiencing financial hardship, it can be difficult to overcome challenges that have been years in the making.

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo issued this statement:

"The Comptroller’s report released today shows what we already know - local municipalities continue to struggle under the weight of unfunded State mandates. As County Executive, my focus continues to be improving our community’s economy and increasing available jobs for the residents of Monroe County while maintaining my commitment to not raise property taxes."

The minority leader of the Monroe County Legislature, Cindy Kaleh issued a statement saying that, "for years, Monroe County has been plugging budget deficits by raising fees, selling off assets, and deferring pension costs. These short term maneuvers are piling up and hurting taxpayers."