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Rep. Chris Collins Gets To Second Trump's Nomination

Former Western NY Rep. Chris Collins

Western New York Congressman Chris Collins got the honor of seconding the nomination for Donald Trump for President last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

During his remarks, Collins (R-27)  criticized the direction that the U.S.  has taken under President Obama, and the congressman said he thinks Trump will be able to secure the borders, defeat terrorism and bring back jobs.

“I proudly represent Western NY which has been devastated by unfair trade deals allowing countries like China and Mexico to steal our jobs, robbing our children of the opportunity to live the American dream….We in Western New York  know Donald Trump is not merely a candidate,  Donald Trump is a movement, that is why Mr. Speaker I have the honor of seconding the nomination of Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United  States of America.”

Collins was the first Republican Congressman to endorse Trump.