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Families of Flight 3407 Continue Their Fight for Aviation Safety

Federal lawmakers stood with families of Continental Flight 3407 to call for continuation of the aviation safety regulations that passed in the wake of that crash near Buffalo in February, 2009, that claimed 50 lives.

John Kausner, who lost his daughter on that flight, called it probably the most horrendous day in all of the families' lives.

Senator Charles Schumer said “it is unthinkable that some in the aviation industry and in Congress are considering watering down or rolling back these standards, and it is an affront to the 3407 families’ efforts over the last seven years. Doing so would be a dagger to the hearts of every one of the families here today - that is why I am going to keep fighting to ensure these standards are permanently kept in place.”

An FAA reauthorization bill is expected to be introduced this week, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called for the continuation of regulations regarding pilot training and fatigue.

"The families here today represent courage, at its very heart.  They've been coming here for every single year to make sure first this law is passed, and now to make that they don't change it, water it down and weaken it."

Gillibrand says because of the work of the families of Flight 3407, our aviation system is safer.    

Kausner added that they are still fighting to keep new training and flight regulations in place for pilots.