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Big Change For Webster's Library On Monday

A big change for people who use the Webster Library. The property owner will open a new entrance today. Supervisor Ron Nesbitt believes this is a win-win opportunity from the owner of Webster Plaza, where the library is located.

"He had some stores that he couldn't rent out and one of the major reasons is that everyone was going to the library."

Think of it as a creative solution to filling the stores at Ridge and Hard Roads in Webster.

"Starting Monday, you'll be able to park in the rear of the library and go through the rear entrance. Not all of the remodeling is done yet, but the rear entrance is done right now."

The supervisor says the new entrance and space are great for the library, which also gets another 4-thousand square feet of space. Nesbitt explained to WXXI why the plaza owner came up with the idea, and paid for it.

"The front will be opened up for other businesses to go in there. He's already got Pet Savers going in the front, because he's now opened up at least 100 parking spots during the day that were taken up by the library."

An improved library computer lab, senior room and more meeting space are part of the changes. Nesbitt says the rent stays the same and the town's lease runs another 17 years.

"We had a great library before that took care of about 350-thousand patrons and we hope to increase that, soon."

Nesbitt believes residents appreciate well maintained libraries, they tend to be a good place for people to gather and that's what he expects.

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