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Lutchman Appears in Federal Court in Rochester

Emanual Lutchman
Emanual Lutchman

The man authorities accuse of plotting a terror attack at a local bar on New Year's Eve was in federal court Friday.

Emanuel Lutchman had to cover his face with tissues after seeing family members in the courtroom.

Lutchman has a criminal history and has been arrested for what has been described as "mental hygiene" issues.

U.S. Attorney William Hochul notes that the defense has the absolute right, if they feel there's any justification, to request a competency hearing.

"They specifically said they do not make that request, and as for our part, we would have the right to make that request if there was some basis for it. We do not intend to make that request, either."

Some have argued that Lutchman was set up by a federal informant.

But Hochul says that Lutchman, in a sworn affidavit, has professed his allegiance to ISIL.

"As you look at the complaint paperwork, the defendant on his own on December 25th and 26th indicated number one, he fully supports ISIL, and this is in a conversation with a man who admits he's a member of ISIL.  He also indicated he wanted to support that cause, he indicated he wanted to harm people."

Hochul emphasizes that Lutchman is presumed innocent, and these are only charges at this point.

There was no comment from the federal public defender.

After neither the defense nor the prosecution requested a competency hearing, another court date for Lutchman has been set for February 11th.  

Credit Alex Crichton
US Attorney for Western New York, Bill Hochul, outside the Federal Building downtown.