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DiNolfo Introduces DMV Reminder Service

County Clerk and soon-to-be County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo introduced a new free service Wednesday.

"It's quick. It's easy. It's embracing technology. It's run entirely through the County of Monroe at no extra cost to the taxpayers."

She asks you to sign up through the county clerk’s website for reminders when it's time to renew your driver’s license or vehicle registration.

"After you sign up it's completely secure and confidential. You will then get email and text reminders as to when it's time to renew your driver's license and your vehicle registration."

DiNolfo would prefer that you then walk into one of the county DMV offices and do your business locally. She says it could generate an additional three-million dollars in revenue for the county every year.

"If every person in the County of Monroe renewed their driver’s license and their vehicle registrations locally, the taxpayers would see over $3 million in extra revenue brought into the county, which is used to help keep property taxes in check and to pay for other vital services in the county."

She offers an example.

"The average cost is $64.50 to renew that license. The county would keep 12.7% if you come in and do business locally, which is about $8.19. If you mailed your return directly to the State of New York, or if you did business with the State of New York and completed that transaction through the state's DMV website, the county would get nothing."

She’d like to change that. DiNolfo was elected Monroe County Executive, and takes office with the New Year.

Brad Smith won the Cortland County (NY) spelling bee as a seventh grader from Homer High, in a championship broadcast live on local radio. Brad’s been trying to relive the “magnificent” (winning word) moment ever since.
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