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RPD To Swap Guns for Wegmans Cards


It's been a while since the city tried a gun buyback. Rochester Police firearms trainer Officer Daniel Carlson says that ends Saturday.

"We have a fair amount of firearms crime in the city and our goal is to get some of those illegal handguns off the streets."

Police, with help from Wegmans, will collect unwanted, unused or even stolen guns: no questions asked. Carlson asks that you do it safely.

"We want to make sure, especially if a loaded gun comes into the room, that it's handled safely at all times, until one of our police officers can make sure it is indeed safe."

Carson suggests you put unloaded guns in a bag, box or wrapped up in something to bring them to the Miracle Deliverance Faith Center on Whitney Street.

Handguns are turned in most often when Rochester Police hold gun buybacks, and handguns are what they'd like to get off the streets.


"A lot of stolen firearms are weapons that we come across through the daily course of our patrol and if we can get some of those off the street and prevent it, that's even better."

Turn in a gun, get a Wegmans gift card. The buyback is from noon to five, and you don't have to give your name.

"Guns will all be brought to the property clerk's office later on, and at that point, serial numbers will be run and checked to be stolen, but that won't happen at the scene, that will happen much later on."

Investigator Jackie Shuman says the buyback is easy to participate in.

"Bring in your handguns. Bring in your long guns. There's a $100-gift card for handguns or assault rifles and a $50 gift card from Wegmans for a long gun."

Carlson says they’ll take guns in any condition.

"We have in the past gotten some pretty beat up weapons, but yes, we'll take anything that comes in."

You won't have to give your name.

"Complete amnesty. No questions asked. Turn in a gun. Thank you very much. Here's your gift card," said Carlson.

The buyback is Saturday noon to 5 at the Miracle Deliverance Faith Center on Whitney Street in Rochester.

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