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Police: Arrest Made in Craigslist Rental Scam

RPD Sgt. Charles Zlotkus
RPD Sgt. Charles Zlotkus

Rochester Police have made an arrest in connection with a scam that involved using Craglist to dupe people looking for rental property.

Sgt. Charles Zlotkus says the suspect would post the ad, then set up a meeting to show the property.

Those interested would fill out a rental application, but unknown to them, the suspect had broken into the property they were "showing."

The suspect would arrange a meeting at a public place, and Zlotkus says after the victims made a cash down payment and received their keys, they would find out later the keys didn't work.

"Some have had moving vans right there, ready to move in with their kids and stuff like that. They were left homelss."

He says they have one suspect under arrest for burglary, but would like to find more victims and press for further charges, including scheme to defraud.

Police say so far, there have been seven victims in this scam.

If you've been the victim of this kind of scam, call Rochester Police, at their Economic Crimes Unit at 585-428-1285