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Stand Up 4 Transportation Day

Advocates for public transportation gathered at Rochester's new transit center downtown to emphasize the need for a comprehensive, long-term transportation bill.

The current bill expires May 31st, and RTS CEO Bill Carpenter says the lack of a robust, long-term transportation bill will have serious implications.

He says at RTS, they have 23-million dollars in unfunded infrastructure investments, which are critical to their progress.

They are shovel-ready projects, needed to improve safety, security and efficiency for RTS bus operations.

Inside the RTS Transit Center

County Executive Maggie Brooks says you need to only drive on our roads and bridges to realize there needs to be investment in public infrastructure.

She calls it the backbone of everyday life, and we as a community are only as strong as our public infrastructure system.

Advocates say it's been ten years since we've have a long-term comprehensive transportation bill, and that's simply too long. 

Advocates for public transportation calling for long-term federal funding