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Howie Hawkins: Governor Afraid to Debate Him

Howie Hawkins
Alex Crichton
Howie Hawkins

The Green Party candidate for Governor says he's being excluded from debates with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Howie Hawkins was in Rochester to talk about his agenda, and why he should be included in debates with Cuomo and his Republican challenger Rob Astorino.

Hawkins, speaking in front of the headquarters of the Rochester City School District, says while Cuomo refused to debate his primary challenger, Zephyr Teachout, he has since reversed course and said he's open to debates in the general election. 

But Hawkins says Cuomo indicated he preferred debates with Astorino only.

He says that's not fair to voters, who should hear from all the governor's opponents.

Hawkins added this week's primary elections results represent a debacle for Governor Cuomo.

With a third to 40 percent of the vote against him, Hawkins says that shows New Yorkers are dissastisfied with Cuomo's conservative economic policies, his tax cuts for the rich and funding cuts to schools.

He feels voters are looking for a progressive alternative, and Hawkins says he's the only progressive option left on the November ballot.

Hawkins, politically active in a number of groups since the 1960s, predicts we're about ready for an electoral insurgency and revolt this decade.