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Schneiderman Nominated to Run for 2nd Term as AG

Matt Ryan New York Now

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was nominated for a second term at the Democratic Party convention on Long Island.

Schneiderman touted his record , which he says includes getting back pay owed to fast food workers, and cracking down on opioid , and now, heroin abuse, and convincing gun show operators to voluntarily close a loophole in the laws and require background checks for purchases.

“It all is summed up in the notion of equal justice under law,” Schneiderman said.  

The first term Attorney General and former State Senator is not as well known among New Yorkers as his predecessors, Andrew Cuomo and Elliot Spitzer, both of whom went on to become governor.  But Schneiderman told public radio that he isn’t worried, and he says he’s been working instead of  “grand standing”.

Schneiderman faces GOP opponent John Cahill, a former aid to then- Governor George Pataki. The two are now in a private law practice.

The incumbent Attorney General says he expects to work as a team with Governor Andrew Cuomo in the 2014 Race. Cuomo has not always been supportive of Schneiderman in the past.

“I’m his lawyer,” Schneiderman said.