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Joe Morelle Stepping Down as MCDC Chair in the Fall

Joe Morelle making the announcement at MCDC headquarters
Alex Crichton
Joe Morelle making the announcement at MCDC headquarters

After nine years, Monroe County Democratic Committee Chair Joe Morelle says he won't seek re-election to the post this fall.

He says he needs to focus on his growing responsibilities as Majority Leader in the Assembly, and  as chair of the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee.

Morelle, at a Tuesday news conference, says he made the decision with a "heavy heart."

In a statement, he said “I have come to realize that the rigors of my work representing the people in Albany, my duties as Majority Leader and the responsibilities of leading my party will eventually require compromises I am unwilling to make.”

Morelle, who was named to the Majority Leader post in January 2013, added “And none of the people who have come to depend on me should be required to accept anything less than 100 percent of my efforts.”

He says it would be presumptuous of him to name his successor;  that decision will be made in the fall.

Morelle says there are many talented people in the party, and it will remain in capable hands.

He says the Democratic party is in a much stronger position than when he took over in 2005.

Morelle adds one of the more gratifying parts of the job as chair is having the resources to help people who have not run for office before.

Here's video of his announcement Tuesday: