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Dems Point Fingers After Dream Act Dies in State Senate

The Dream Act is dead for now in New York State, after the State Senate voted down the measure that would have granted college tuition aid to the children of undocumented immigrants. The 30 to 29 vote defeating the Dream Act left leaders of rival Democratic factions pointing fingers.

Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein , who is in a ruling coalition with the Republicans , says he’s disappointed that two Democrats joined the GOP to vote no on the bill to allow tuition aid for children of undocumented immigrants.

“When there is a core Democratic issue as important to Democrats as the Dream Act, I think it’s important that all Democrats support it if we expect Republicans to do the same,” Klein said.  

But the leader of the rest of the Senate Democrats, who hold minority status in the Senate, blamed Senator Klein . Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins says it was  Klein’s job, as co leader of the Senate with the GOP, to produce some Republican yes votes.

“The bipartisan collation was supposed to bring bi partisan support to progressive issues,” said Stewart Cousins. “ Unfortunately, that did not happen today.”  

Republican leaders did not speak, though some individual GOP members said they voted no because taxpayers should not finance college aid for the children of    undocumented immigrants, and that they are already eligible for lower in- state rates at public universities.