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Latest Class of RPD Cadets Is Most Diverse

Michelle Faust

The latest class of recruits to the Rochester Police Department is the most diverse in history. Monday, Interim Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli swore in 25 new cadets at the Public Safety Training Facility.

This class is made up of 60 percent minority recruits and includes 4 female cadets. Ciminelli says it’s the direct result of a concerted effort by the city to recruit a police force that reflects Rochester's demographics.

“We increased our recruiting efforts with churches locally, colleges, military. In fact if you ask these current recruits, a number of them were contacted through college job fairs. We intend to build on that. We're trying to identify more people in the community now that can be ambassadors for us to even capitalize more on our current success.”

Mayor Lovely Warren says the city wants a police force that understands the entire city. “Of course, you want people to be able to reflect the community that we serve, and that includes everyone.”

Cadet Justin Linton is a graduate of Edison Tech High School and a former Monroe County Sheriff Deputy. With a wide grin, he says he's dreamed of becoming a police officer for the past 10 years. “One of the greatest accomplishments of my life starts today.”

The mayor says the city will continue to promote diversity in the police department’s recruitment, including an effort to find more bilingual officers.