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Mayor-elect Visits the White House

Carolyn Kaster

Rochester Mayor-Elect Lovely Warren met with the President and Vice President Friday at the White House. Warren was part of a meeting with newly-elected mayors from across the country.

Warren says she talked with President Obama about the challenges and opportunities facing Rochester.

"They want to be partners and are looking forward to working with us as we take on the challenges. We expressed the same sentiment that anything we can do in our cities we would be willing to do."

She found Mr. Obama receptive to the mayors’ concerns.

"We you know sat around a table in a very informal way and just talked like we were old friends and I think that all the mayors around the table really appreciated that and appreciated the opportunity to be there and tell him our issues face to face."

Warren says she lunched with the Secretary of Transportation and discussed the city's Inner Loop project.

Warren attended the President's Christmas party Friday night. She plans to visit relatives before returning to Rochester.