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Election Commissioners Defend Electronic Voting

Not all voters are happy with paper ballots on this election day.

But Monroe County Board of Elections Commissioners Peter Quinn and Tom Ferrarese support electronic voting, now in its fifth year in Monroe County.

Some voters have expressed concerns that the ink used on the paper ballot is bleeding through, causing the voting machine to reject a ballot.

Democratic commissioner Tom Ferrarese says they've thoroughly tested the system and that's not the case.

Republican commissioner Peter Quinn says they've addressed the fact that the ovals on the ballot are not lined up with each other, and even with a bleed through, it won't affect the vote on either side of the ballot.

Quinn adds he loved the old mechanical lever machines, but it's time to move on.

Polls are open until 9 tonight, and countywide voter turnout as of 2:30 this afternoon was around 17 percent.