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Richards Responds to Independence Party Push

Mayor Tom Richards has issued a statement in response to the push by the Monroe County Independence Party to get people to vote for him for re-election, even though Richards is not campaigning.

Richards lost a September primary, and afterward said he would not seek re-election due to health challenges to one of his family members.

Later, Richards lost his son to cancer.

Richards will be on the ballot on the Independence and Working Families line in November.

Here's his statement regarding the November election:

"On September 17 I announced that I was ending my campaign for re-election due to personal circumstances that demanded my attention. That continues to be true following the passing of my son Matthew."

"At the time of my announcement, I also stated that I was not going to entertain political speculation. That also continues to be true. Since that time, I have been concentrating my time on my family and on my job as Mayor. I have not had any conversations with any political party leader regarding the mayoral election."

"The announcement I made on September 17 was a commitment that I made and it remains so. In the coming days, I will concentrate on the matters that are important to our city's future and I look forward to seeing my new granddaughter for the first time."