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New Play Yard for Dogs at the Animal Shelter

Alex Crichton
A new shelter dog play yard is open downtown

Officials cut the ribbon today on a new play yard for shelter dogs living at Rochester Animal Services.

Located off of Brown Street, about a block from the Verona Street Animal Services Center, the play yard lets dogs run, play and interact, according to Chris Fitzgerald, Director of Animal Services for the City of Rochester.

He says the new Play Yard gets dogs out of the shelter environment, which can cause stress, anxiety or frustration for the animals.

Fitzgerald says they're able to use the property through a site-access agreement with Kodak.

A grant from the Animal Farm Foundation and donations supported the project.

Fitzgerald says the stress, lack of exercise and stimulation in the shelter environment can take its toll on the animals, so this provides all of the things the dogs have been missing.

Here's some of the dogs from the shelter checking out the new Play Yard: