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Local Airport To Get New, Faster Pre-Screening Security Check-In Line

Rochester airport baggage screener offers passenger a plastic bag.
WXXI photo
Rochester airport baggage screener offers passenger a plastic bag.

A federal program designed to help some air travelers get through the security check-in line more quickly will be coming to Rochester soon.

It's a program that is already in place at 40 airports around the country, and soon it will be in 60 more including Rochester. It involves a process by which you are pre-screened by the Transportation Security Administration. That means providing them with additional personal information. Once you are in the program, it allows you to go through a special line at the airport, where you don't have to do things like remove your belt and shoes.

Lisa Farbstein is a spokesperson for the TSA. She says this program not only expedites the process for people who qualify for the special screening, it also helps the feds concentrate on other passengers they may want to take a closer look at. 

"We also see that at TSA as a way to focus on passengers who we know less about, and so in that regard we see that as something that improves security.”

The program is expected to come to the Rochester airport sometime this fall. It will also be added at airports in Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany.

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