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Women Rally to Demand Senate Vote on Abortion Rights

Women’s groups rallied outside the New York State Senate chamber, demanding a vote on Governor Cuomo’s 10 point women’s equality act- that includes an abortion rights provision.

The women’s groups, chanting  “vote all 10”,  want Senate Republicans, who co lead the Senate, to relent and allow a vote on an abortion rights provision, as well as the other nine bills in the package sent to the Senate by Governor Cuomo. The abortion measure would codify into state law the rights in the US Supreme Court Roe v Wade decision .

The women rejected a last ditch attempt by a group of breakaway Democrats who share power in the Senate.  The Independent Democrats are asking for sponsors for their version of the abortion rights bill.

IDC spokesman Eric Soufer called it a “good faith effort to determine those senators who support the bill, and who are, in fact, pro-choice.”

Donna Leiberman, with the New York Civil Liberties Union, says it’s too late now for maneuvering.

“The time for jockeying about the procedure is over,” Lieberman said. “It is time in the next 36 hours for the Senate to put its money where its mouth is, if it is pro choice, and vote pro choice.”

The women are threatening to go after Senators who suppress the vote in the next election cycle.

Some Senate Republicans, including GOP Leader Dean Skelos have said they are against the measure because they believe it would expand abortion in New York, something supporters deny.