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Group Petitions Benny Warr Case

A group calling themselves "Enough is Enough" wants charges to be dropped against Benny Warr, and officers involved in his arrest be fired and then face criminal charges.
The group delivered petitions with about 400 signatures to the District Attorney's office and City Hall on Wednesday.
Warr is the wheelchair-bound city resident captured on video being taken down by police officers at the intersection of Bartlett Street and Jefferson Avenue.
Shirley Stukes says Warr is a member of her church, and her pastor's husband.
She says they also want the officers involved in the arrest fired and they're calling for the police department to clarify their policies and retrain officers.
Stukes is also critical of the message sent by Police Chief James Sheppard, when he announced more aggressive policing during the ongoing "Operation Cool Down."
Rochester Police have said an internal review of the incident is underway.
A spokesman for the DA's office says they can't comment on pending cases.