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Poll: Voters Have Two Different Takes on State Government Right Now

When it comes to state government, voters have two different answers right now.
A Siena Poll asked voters if they agree with Governor Cuomo's statement that "New York State Government is Working Again."

50 percent agreed, 36 percent disagreed, and 13 percent neither agreed nor disagreed.
Pollster Steve Greenberg adds Siena wanted to know how voters feel about certain fiscal issues and ethics and whether state government is working.

They found that a majority feel the state government is working when it comes to safeguarding the rights of all New Yorkers.

But the majority said state government is not working in four other areas: making state government more ethical, enacting policies that led to job creation, demonstrating fiscal accountability or controlling state spending.

A plurality of voters, 41 percent, also said passing laws to address legislative corruption should be a priorty this session.