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Poll Shows State Republicans Disapprove of Cuomo

Matt Ryan NY Now

A new poll finds Governor Cuomo is paying a political price with Republicans in New York for enacting the first- in- the -nation strictest gun control laws.

The Quinnipiac University pollfinds that, for the first time, more Republicans in New York disapprove of Governor Cuomo than view him favorably,  at 49 to 38%.

Pollster Mickey Carroll says the governor’s numbers started dropping right after Cuomo convinced the legislature to pass tough new gun control laws in mid January.

“The gun control vote turned things around for Cuomo,” Carroll said. “And they are still turned around.”

Cuomo’s approval rating is still higher than most politicians, at 55%, but it’s down nearly 20 points from last December, when Cuomo reached his highest approval rating ever, at 74% .

And by a two to one margin, 64-31%, New Yorkers approve of the new gun laws. Most of the support comes from the New York City region, with more upstate voters  against the gun control provisions.