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Dawn Nguyen Appears in Federal Court

Dawn Nguyen and attorney Matt Parinello leaving Tuesday's Federal Court hearing.
Jim Day
Dawn Nguyen and attorney Matt Parinello leaving Tuesday's Federal Court hearing.

The Greece woman facing charges for illegally purchasing a few of the guns used in the deadly West Webster shooting appeared in federal court Tuesday.

The federal case against Dawn Nguyen has been pushed off until April 1st. That's to give her attorney, Matt Parinello, more time to gather all the material in the case before possibly moving it to a grand jury or taking a plea deal.

Some of the materials include text messages and telephone recordings from Nguyen to Monroe County's Sheriff's deputy - admitting that she bought the guns for suspected shooter William Spengler Jr.

Outside the courtroom, Parinello talks about what happens next.

"If we review the case and Ms. Nguyen maintains her innocence," Parinello says. "And we determine that we're not interested in talking any kind of deal in this case, and we don't know where we are yet, ... we'll proceed forward, send the case to grand jury and see if the grand jury determines whether the charges will go forward."

Parinello also says the court case has been waning on Nguyen.

"All this publicity on the case. People pointing, talking, acting as though she caused the death of two people is a tough things for a young lady. It's not easy. It's tough. She's not the bad guy here."

Nguyen is facing state and federal charges for lying on a gun application at Gander Mountain in Henrietta, stating she was the legal owner of the firearms she was purchasing. Authorities claim Nguyen bought the guns for suspected shooter Spengler, who shot and killed two West Webster firefighters and injured two others on Christmas Eve.